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About Vita

I am a licensed acupuncturist in the states of California and Wyoming as well as a Diplomate of Acupuncture recognized by the NCCAOM commission.

I earned my master of science degree in Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine from AIMC in Berkeley, California. During my graduate studies, I worked in the sports medicine department of UC Berkeley athletics, studying trigger point acupuncture and treating athletes for myriad health concerns, muscular imbalances and pain. 


While pursuing my BA in English Literature and Language from Reed College in Portland, Oregon (my home state), I discovered my favorite class was a Chinese literature class analyzing the I-Ching. Shortly after, I took a year off to travel to Asia where I subsequently spent another three years studying yoga, meditation and ancient Eastern wisdom.


I have a deep reverence for the natural world and our human bodies, and am constantly in awe of our potential to balance, heal and recover.  

My bottomless curiosity and love of learning has led me to conclude that combining Eastern and Western medical paradigms is a comprehensive and effective approach to health. I am persistent and dedicated to bringing results to your health concerns.

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My Philosophy

Integrative medicine & acupuncture look at a person as one intricate and unified system. Seemingly disparate and unrelated symptoms are important parts of the whole picture and help me to form a thorough diagnosis and understanding of where imbalances are arising from. Three people may have a headache but each person will receive a specific and unique treatment plan according to what I find. Aside from treating the pain, I will also work to treat the root cause of the pain. 


Acupuncture and Integrative medicine work with your body's own innate ability to find balance and healing. While Western medicine often offers a quick-fix medication to mask or eliminate a symptom, acupuncture works much more slowly and thoroughly to get at the root of your health concern. For this reason I usually treat patients in sets of four. The first 1-3 weeks I often want to see a patient twice per week and after four treatments we can assess how well you are responding, whether you're satisfied and how many more treatments will be needed. Once you are symptom-free for 10 days, you may only need monthly tune-ups. 

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Yoga with Vita

In addition to providing acupuncture services, I teach yoga in Jackson! Check out my yoga website to learn more:

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