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I want you to get back to the things you love

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Our Services


Traditional Chinese Medicine

The process of placing fine hair-like filaments at specific points to help you get out of pain quickly and restore balance.

Body Work

Cupping Treatment

Cupping, Gua Sha and massage work to increase circulation, reduce inflammation and eliminate toxins.


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Tailored herbal prescriptions that give your body the specific nutrients it needs to heal.

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Meet Vita

Hi! Thanks for stopping by. I am the owner of Arnica Acupuncture & Wellness, a licensed practitioner of acupuncture and integrative medicine, and a yoga teacher based in Jackson, Wyoming.

I want to help you get back to the things you love, and I'm confident we can get there together.

My clinic focuses on personalized treatment plans 

to get you long-term and sustainable solutions to your health concerns.

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I combine the wisdom of East Asian medicine with modern research to give you a natural solution to a myriad of health issues

Headaches, Migraines & TMJ

Women’s Health/Fertility

Sports Medicine/Orthopedics


Stress & Tension


Hormonal Imbalance

Pain of all types

Cancer recovery

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